di'namik Finals

Wrap Up

Sixteen climbers, six boulders. Eight men and eight women, each with three problems to solve. Sometimes it’s not all about brawn. Sometimes it’s about balance, the balance between power and technique, between logical and creative thought processes. That’s what di'namik 2014 turned out to be.

Close to 200 climbers turned out to compete over two sessions, with the early session serving as the qualifying round for the evening’s Open Finals. In her standard form, Alex Puccio flashed all three of the women’s Finals problems, including unlocking beta through a series of cryptic volumes with tenuous body positions on the third boulder. For the men, Jon Cardwell proved that it pays to be efficient, topping only the third boulder, but high-pointing the first two with fewer attempts than the rest of the field.

Thanks to adidas Outdoor, the North Face SLC (Fashion Place Mall), Vline, Red Rock Brewing, and all of the sponsors of di'namik 2014!


Check this out -  See the statistics of each problem.  By re-sorting (click on a column heading) this table, you can see which were popular problems, the easy problems, and more.
di'namik Finals
Open (V7+)
Alex Puccio 40
Angela Payne 28
Nina Williams 27
Lisa Chulich 23
Meagan Martin 23
Tiffany Hensley 21
Kasia Pietras 19
Courtney Sanders 15
Open (V7+)
Jon Cardwell 28
Carlo Traversi 26
Nathaniel Coleman 24
James Webb 24
Daniel Woods 24
Peter Dixon 21
Ben Tresco 10
Cole Bradburn 9
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