Redneck Rapture

Wrap Up

We survived the rapture! The Redneck Rapture that is! Flannels were ripped, mullets were flowing and the energy was higher than a monster truck rally! Thanks to everyone that came out and helped make it a huge success. A huge thank you goes out to our sponsors, Revolution, Pusher, Black Diamond, Five Ten, and Petzl for supplying us with some killer shwag. Be sure to check out our facebook page for photos from the event.  Check out the results below!


Check this out -  See the statistics of each problem.  By re-sorting (click on a column heading) this table, you can see which were popular problems, the easy problems, and more.
Redneck Rapture
Omar Zamrini 3275
Colton Bunker 2675
Dalton Bunker 2560
Alec Quick 2410
Oriah Knorr 2095
Axel Dillman 1900
Alex Ulman 1595
Jordon Abney 1315
Cody Lucas 0
Marley Nelson 0
Ryan Shilton 3030
Anthony Gringeri 2885
Cole Ross 2195
Lucas Matthews 2170
David Bell 2010
Andrew Conroy 2000
Dylan Shilton 1865
Eric Brozek 1220
Christopher Lean 1150
Stephen Capone 730
Ethan Cone-Uemura 1870
Devin Hammonds 1865
Charlie Oliver 1445
Seth Brinkerhoff 995
Oden Dillman 715
Oldest Adult
Mike Brinkerhoff 2810
Ed DiBella 2030
Open (V7+)
Dave Miller 4500
Seth Robinson 4385
Zack Harrison 3195
Bryan Gibson 3110
Tyler Davis 0
Older Adult
Calvin Elson 2430
Carli Canata 1975
Emmy Paget 1875
SarahJane Miller 1790
Annie Hancock 1690
Chloe Rice 1605
Hannah McNees 1510
Chantal Babcock 1440
Shenelle Kleyn 1035
Christine Lingeman 920
Dallas Hammonds 1970
Francesca Steiner 1790
Maya Wheeler 1790
Hailey Phillips 1695
Emma Wood 1155
Open (V7+)
Amy Cockerham 3220
Anne Struble 3045
Tarris Lowe 2310
Meadow Wright 1980
Beth Brinkerhoff 1200
Older Adult
Julie Paasch 1885
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